Species Planted

  • Common Name
    Blackhaw Viburnum

    Scientific Name
    Viburnum prunifolium

    # Planted

  • Common Name

    Scientific Name
    Ribes cynosbati

    # Planted

  • Common Name
    Prickly Ash

    Scientific Name
    Zanthoxylum americanum

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Total Planted to Date: 12

2021 Monitoring Notes

Species # of plants remaining Height of plants Condition of Plants
Blackhaw Viburnum 5 Above Fence Excellent / Thriving
Gooseberry 3 Fence Height Excellent / Thriving
Prickly Ash 3 Above Fence Excellent / Thriving
Cage Notes:

Monitored on 6/2/21 by LM, MM & JM. The cage is full! The number of blackhaw is an estimate. There is a lot of buckthorn behind, to the side of, and inside the cage. Burdock and poison ivy should be removed if feasible.

Date Entered: July 23, 2021

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