Peanut Action List

The following peanuts require attention:

  • E03-006-17S

    Nothing found. Empty cage???

  • E03-014-17F

    5 Alive BF/G One in back close to fence is smaller. Needs herbicide for buckthorn and woody poison ivy.

  • E03-015-17F

    Moonseed 2 alive. FH/G on back fence. Arrowwood 9 alive. BF/G Insect holes Need herbicide for tree stumps. 2 Prunus sp. found

  • E03-016-17F

    dead and dying trees hanging over top.

    Clematis 0 Chokecherry 3 BF/S Plum 5 (separate area) almost FH/G Room for at least one more. Many stems to herbicide.

  • E03-018-17F

    4 alive FH/G Lots of buckthorn!!

  • E04-014-16S

    1 alive AF/E. Small cage. Plant sending runners outside cage. One plant could be added. NOTE: Tag reads E04-015-16S SWITCH TAGS

  • E04-015-16S

    alive AF/E NOTE: tag reads E04-014-16S SWITCH with one labelled E04-015-16S

  • E04-016-18F

    7 alive; BF/G Small tree sprouts and poison ivy will need treatment next year.

  • E04-017-18F

    7 alive BF/G Small buckthorn should be cleared at some point.

  • E04-025-18F

    7 alive FH/G-E Some plants above and below fence height. 2 ft white oak at right end

  • E04-026-18F

    4? alive; BF/G-S 2 are very small, 1 looks poor. Maybe some dogwood volunteers. TREE over back of fence. One post needs replacement

  • E04-028-18F

    4 alive; BF/G Red oak by door, different at end, another in middle. Large FEMALE BUCKTHORN behind cage.

  • E04-040-19F

    2 alive BF/G Plants short. Cleaned inside fence. OUTSIDE CAGE NEEDS TO BE CLEARED.

  • E04-041-19F

    Alive BF/G-E. Cleared in and around cage. Monitor coral berry nearby.

  • E05-001-15F

    5? plants AF/E Cage full; difficult to count. BT cut outside in Aug. BT and ash inside should be cut & treated.

  • E05-002-15F

    8-9 plants. AF/E Cage full. BT inside cage should be cut and treated. Wear heavy clothing.

  • E05-003-15F

    5? plants AF/E Cage full Fence bent on 2 sides; may be okay. Try to cut and treat BT inside.

  • E05-007-17S

    1 black currant AF/ E 3 ninebark (2 new) BF/G (shaded) Clump of gooseberry growing behind cage to right

  • E05-024-17F

    alive FH/G

  • E05-036-18F

    5 ninebark FH/E 2 plants in back are smaller; others are FH or AF. Cut buckthorn near and behind for more light.

  • E05-038-19S

    Plants still good. Trimmed grape vine covering one. Many BT, ash and grape should be cut and treated later. All plums are tagged.

  • E05-039-19S

    BF/G Still has some green leaves. Cut BT and ash later along back edge.

  • E05-044-19S

    5 alive AF/E Tall goldenrod present. Did not remove due to drought conditions. Could be cut later.

  • E05-048-19S

    Alive BF/S. Green and brown leaves. Cut tree sprouts and grape vines later.

  • E06-015-17S

    Hawthorn 1 AF/E Fence needs to be enlarged.

  • F03-059-19F

    Put in a hawthorn? No green but may still grow. Black currant nearby.

  • F03-060-19F


  • F03-061-19F

    Barely alive. BF/S

  • F03-062-19F

    Nothing found. No trace evidence.

  • F04-032-19F

    5 alive. FH/G-E. 3 flowering with seeds. Needs to be weeded.

    5 alive AF/E Fighting asters

  • F04-033-19F

    5 alive. FH/ G-E. 1 with fruit.

    5 alive FH/G Fence down on one side. Broken pole. Deer browsing.

  • HW4-001-18F

    6 alive: BF/G 2 in back struggling with tall goldenrod, 1 is just hanging in. Must control goldenrod next year.

  • HW4-002-18F

    5 Alive; FH/G Burdock. Removed grape from plums. 3 Hackberries --2 on back edge & 1 front/right side. KEEP THEM?

  • HW4-006-18F

    6 Ninebark: AF/E 1 Plum: BF/E Rt. front corner Giant thistle,, Box Elder, grapes

  • HW4-007-18F

    6 Ninebark: AF/E 7-8 ft thistle behind

  • HW4-010-18F

    5 Plum: FH/G (3AF/2BF) Tree of Heaven and BT directly behind.

  • HW4-012-18F

    5 Plum: AF/E Back side of fence was recently smashed down. Deer have browsed on a plum there. Need to add a pole.

  • HW4-016-18F

    1 Plum: AF/E NEEDS LARGER CAGE. BT sprouts also in cage.

  • HW4-017-18F

    1 Plum: BF/G Need to cut BT & ash sprouts around sides and back.

  • HW4-018-18F

    1 Hawthorn: BF/G 4 green/brown leaves at top Cut hackberry and ash in front???

  • HW4-034-19S

    5 Ninebark: AF/E Plant in front corner is shortest. Tall goldenrod along front of cage. Should it be cut in future?

  • HW4-036-19S

    3 Ninebark: AF/E Ash and BT to be cut and treated.

  • HW4-039-19S

    3 Ninebark: AF/E Multiflora rose on one edge. Poison ivy in cage. Grape growing on one side will be a problem.

  • HW4-043-19F


    5 Plum: BF/G (near Ella intersection) Cut grape from fence. Watch for BT and grape next year.

  • HW4-044-19F

    Alive. BF/G-E. Tree sprouts

    Alive. BF/S Removed grape growing up plant. Leaves on plant are much smaller than the same plant in "045"

  • HW4-045-19F

    Alive. BF/G-E. Needs weeding. Tree sprouts.

    Alive. BF/G Watch for BT sprouts next year.

  • P08-002-17S

    Dogwood 8?: FH (4 AF/4 BF)/G Fence down 3? yrs.. Plants could have been buried.

  • P08-005-16F

    Hazel 2: FH/G Huge cage. Full of herbs & trees. Good sun Needs cleaning

  • P08-015-17F

    Dogwood 9: AF/E 1 white oak sapling, by itself, >3 ft tall

  • P08-022-17F

  • R01-001-17F

    2 Ninebark: AF/E 5 Rose: BF/G 2 with hips 3 ROD: AF/G wilted/drought Teasel in & around 1 bent post

  • R01-002-17F

    1 fence post and fencing damaged. KK

    1 Ninebark: AG/E 3 ROD: 2 BF, 1AF/ 2G, 1E Bidens tall/ taller than shrubs. Only shrub not surrounded was wilted. Post broken

  • R01-004-17F

    Fallen tree with grape vines covering >1/3 of cage. 5 dogwoods visible; can't count rest.

  • R01-006-17F

    8? ROD: AF/E Cage full. Deer browsing. Left front & side fence down by tree. More deer damage there. 3 posts & fence

  • R01-008-17F

    9 Silky dogwood: AF/E DRY Left back--fence bent in; needs 1 post & muscle

  • R01-012-17F

    5-6 Ninebark: AF/E 1 Cherry BF/G; could be another 4 Rose: AF/E Overgrown by herbs NEEDS 2 POSTS

  • R01-013-18F

    CAGE with this tag is full of roses at corner of path leading into R02 from bike path. CAGE # PROBLEM!!!!

  • R02-021-19F

    4 alive BF/G, 1 has bent stem

    Still alive BF/G. Plant with bent stem needs a better stake before winter.

  • R02-023-19F

    alive BF/S very small but healthy

    Alive BF/S Ground is very dry. Small plant with white plastic marker. Cage has 1 bent post and branch in front.

  • R03-002-15F

    4 Dogwoods AF/E 0 Elderberry Gooseberry/currant growing in cage. Cut FH ash sprouts alonf fence.

  • R03-003-18F

    4 alive; AF/E Tree through center; 2 bent poles.

  • R03-005-19F

    5 alive Needs weeding

    5 alive FH/G Watch out for grapes next year.

  • R03-006-19F

    alive BF/G Rust spots, weeds

    BF/S Few brown leaves. Check in spring.

  • R03-009-19F

    Nannyberry alive. 1 volunteer bitternut/pink flag. ! volunteer elderberry. Room for more plants

    Unable to identify nannyberry Bitternut BF/E Elderberry AF/E Had berries. Cut & treat BT, ash & Euonymous

  • R03-012-19F

    5 alive. AF/G Some seeds. Some weeds/ash.

    Cage had NO tag. West end R03 5 ROD AF/S Very shaded. Not much vegetation. Ash?

  • R04-002-16S

    Elderberry 0 ROD Unable to count. AF/E Cage is full. Cut 3-stem Box Elder on river side? Large Euonymous on right side.

  • R04-007-15F

    5 or more large plants; too crowded to count. Many ash and catalpa and elm to cut inside and out.

  • R04-008-16S

    Couldn't inventory. Tree took out cage on two sides. Cage full; plants way overhead.

  • R04-017-18S

    4 alive: AF/E ROD missing in corner by river. Tree took out fence on 1 side. Many large ash inside & around cage.

  • R04-018-19F

    5 alive. FH/G. Many ash(?) sprouts. Smilax.

  • S04-007b-16F

    Crabapple alive: AF/G Plant crowded by small fence.

  • S04-013-16F

    Plum 5: AF/E Ninebark 3: FH/G 2 different Smilax 2 unidentified alternate leaf shrubs Euonymous along one edge not treated.

  • S04-016-16F

    Hazel 0 Gooseberry ~7: BF/G Spacious. Consider adding plants. Small red oak.

  • S04-033-18S

    Wahoo is alive. Cage needs cleaning and complete inventory.

  • S04-062-19F

    5 alive. BF/G More light would be better.

  • S05-005-16F

    3 prickly ash: AF/E ( 1 FH/G) All close together. 2 dead sticks tagged TREE THROUGH cage. 5-6 posts and fence need replacement.

  • S05-007-15F

    1? bladdernut/ Too many asters, couldn't see. 0 wafer ash 3 rose AF/E Tree on 1 edge; post down. BIG ash trees

  • S05-008-16S

    10? bladdernut FH/E 1 elderberry AF/G few leaves; drought? 1 currant AF/E 1 beech AF/E Basswood & buckthorn need treatment

  • S05-016-17F

    8 rose: FH/G ( 2 were very little) chokecherry? (no notes) Smilax, grape BUCKTHORN needs treatment

  • S05-017-17F

    5+ dogwood AF/E Tall ash sprouts should be cut and treated.

  • S05-018-17F

    5 dogwood AF/E Fence is down on one side. Deer are browsing on exposed area. Poison ivy and dogwood are growing through downed fence.

  • S05-021-17F

    3 rose AF/E 1 clematis AF/G 1 bent post and fence

  • S05-022-17F

    0 arrowwood Empty cage with Smilax. Tree has taken out one side.

  • S05-023-17F

    0 viburnum 2 currant AF/G 2 clematis AF/G on buckthorn 1 native rose near currant LARGE BT inside/outside

  • S05-023-19F

    Alive. AF/G. (15 gal plant)

    Alive. AF/G Has berries. 1 bent post and very bent fence.

  • S05-024-17F

    0 arrowwood Empty cage. 2 bent posts. Tree in the middle.

  • S05-024-19F

    Alive AF/G (15 gal plant)

    Alive AF/E 1 pole severely bent by fallen tree. Plant okay.

  • S05-025-17F

    No plants found. Empty cage. Tree on fence and in cage.

  • S05-026-17F

    0 viburnum 2 currant: FH/G Many small buckthorn stems

  • W08-001-17S

    Hawthorn 0 Currant 2: FH/G Needs cleaning. BT and ash

  • W08-002-17S

    Hawthorn 0? Currant 1: AF/E Fallen tree in 004 also on 1 side of 002. Large ash sapling, grape

  • W08-004-17S

    Hawthorn 0? Currant 2 FH/G (may be more) Fallen tree through cage. Can't see everything.

  • W08-007-16F

    Dogwood 8: AF/E Elderberry 4: AF/E Tree in one corner/fence

  • W08-009-16F

    SDog 3+ AF/E EBerry ? PRose 4 AF/E Growing upright Coral berry thicket outside BT Tree smashed 1 end

  • W08-010-17S

    Spicebush ? 2 trees on cage. 4 spicebush visible; others are buried.

  • W08-011-17S

    Spicebush 6? FH(5 ft)/G; 1 dead Plants shorter than others. Grapes & Smilax growing on fence top may block light.

  • W08-016-16F

    Hazel 1: AF/E Browsed from top. May need wider cage.

  • W08-017-16F

    S bush 6: way AF/ E P ash 3?: AF/G Native roses in cage Large BT and basswood saplings

  • W08-019-16F

    Cage is full of honeysuckle. BF/E Can't count plants NO TAG ON CAGE

  • W08-020-16F

    Honeysuckle BF/E. Can't count individual plants. Fills >70% of cage. Tree on one corner of cage.

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